How do you approach machine translation training?

How do you approach machine translation training?

First MultiTraiNMT open online meeting: “How do you approach machine translation training?” April 30th 2021 – 10.30-12.30 CET


The aim of this first online meeting is to share participants’ practices regarding machine translation and, specifically, neural machine translation.

MultitraiNMT partners will start by presenting the project briefly.


  1. Presentation of the MultitraiNMT project and of its deliverables (Dorothy Kenny):
  • The book, with one chapter per course module (D.Kenny)
  • The online H5P activities, developed for each module (JA. Pérez Ortiz)
  • Presentation of MutNMT, a platform for training and assessing NMT engines (Gema Ramirez Sanchez)
  1. Sharing MT training practices
  • each participant briefly presents their NMT course and how it might evolve
  • participants are also welcome to explain their current needs
  • open discussion

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